Feng Zhai

Principal Investigator

I'm passionate about acquiring new scientific skills and I'm ready to help new group members to do that, too.

We saved you a spot!

Graduate Student

We are accepting 1-3 rotation students in Fall 2023 and we are also accepting new graduate scholars to start in Fall 2024.

We saved you a spot!

Postdoctoral Scholar

Interested in a postdoc in the Zhai lab? We do not have openings now, but watch this space for future opportunities!

We saved you a spot!

Undergraduate Researcher

We are seeking 1-2 undergraduates to work in the Zhai lab. Contact Feng to discuss!

The Zhai Group is currently under construction.

Interested in joining? We are seeking:

  • 1-2 Undergraduate Researchers to start in Fall 2023 (contact Feng)
  • 1-2 Graduate rotation students from the Fall 2023 entering cohort
  • 1-2 Graduate students for entry in Fall 2024 (apply to the PhD program)